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Steaming media is a method of creating digital video, audio, graphics and text so that it is distributed in "real-time" over the Internet. In other words, the end user doesnít have to wait for the files to download or store the files on a hard drive in order to view them. A media file can be quite large, so the advantage of using streaming packets of information is that the data is received by the userís computer from the server immediately. This technology is a powerful asset in delivering information to your clientele or employees, keeping you a step ahead of your competition. Streaming media can be used to support activities such as Real Estate sales, lectures and seminars, commercials, instruction and more. The possibilities are endless.

Packages Available:

Real Estate

Transform your listings with a video stream of your still pictures. 

Commercial and Seminar Hosting  You spent so much money on having a commercial produced, why not have it available to everyone 24 hours a day 7 days a week on your website?
Virtual Tours Hotels, motels, new developments, restaurants, store tours, town tours and more.   Why not let people see a video tour of the room or house that they might be renting or building?  Promoting a town, put a video tour of the town on the web.  Have a unique restaurant that you want to promote. show potential customers a video tour letting them know why it is so unique. 
Other Uses

The possibilities are endless for Streaming Media.  Contact us today with what you need to stream on the internet. 

Information on streaming media

All packages require high speed internet access and Windows media 9 for viewing.